• Hygeia Fortigel Collagen - 30 Sachets
  • Hygeia Fortigel Collagen - 30 Sachets

Hygeia Fortigel Collagen - 30 Sachets

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Do note: This is a pre-order and product will only be delivered after 10th May 2023

Purest Premium Fortigel Collagen

Hygeia’s fortigel collagen peptides is made from the purest and finest proprietary ingredient backed by human clinical studies.

Our premium collagen peptides offer collagen type I, II and III, to provide support for healthy joints, cartilage, bones, muscle, and skin.

Each sachet of collagen peptides is a natural protein of neutral odor and taste that can be easily implemented into many applications.

It can be dissolved in both hot and cold water and, because of the hydrolysis process, collagen peptides are broken down and digested more easily in our stomach. They also typically have a high bioavailability, which means they can be absorbed into the bloodstream more readily than regular collagen protein.

Whenever possible, we believe in using ingredients backed by clinical studies. “Clinically studied” means our ingredient is supported by proven research, backed by peer-reviewed studies and tested for efficacy, safety and transparency. Using clinically studied ingredients means that when we make claims about our products, we really mean them.

Product Benefits / Intended Purpose

  • Reduction of Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Repairs Joint, Cartilage & Muscle Damage
  • Builds & Strengthens
  • Connective Tissues, Cartilage & Bones
  • Protects Cartilages Degeneration from Wear & Tear
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