• Naked Skin Nutrition: Feed Your Glow (Hardcover Book)

Naked Skin Nutrition: Feed Your Glow (Hardcover Book)

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 Science-Backed Insights: Backed by over 400 scientific sources, "Naked Skin Nutrition" equips you with precise knowledge to make informed dietary choices.

 Kumuya Nutritive System: The book introduces the Kumuya Nutritive System, encompassing Nutritive Mind, Nutritive Skin, and Nutritive Food, which provides a well-rounded strategy to elevate your appearance.

 Food as Your Skin Ally: Uncover over 100 foods, including Asian selections, tailored to different skin types and how to incorporate them into your diet effectively. Plus, discover food pairings that maximize synergistic benefits, for a complete beauty-enhancing nutrition regimen.

Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, author of "What Doctors Eat" & "Superwoman Rx" "The information in Naked Skin Nutrition reimagines beauty by merging the best of Eastern and Western medicine - and helping us all to understand that beauty is not just one dimensional but a three-dimensional reflection of our overall health. The founders are excited to see this information become more widespread so that beauty becomes so much more - than just skin deep.

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