• Kumuya - Saturate Nutri Moisturiser

Kumuya - Saturate Nutri Moisturiser

Drench your skin with advanced anti-ageing water-cream. A rapidly absorbing water magnet that delivers prolonged intense hydration for 6 hours or more!

Our clean moisturizer formulation consists of powerful yet safe vegan actives. A blend of Trifluoroacetyl Tripeptide-2 and Snow Mushroom polysaccharides help to increase collagen and elastin production to achieve smooth healthy skin. Resveratrol derived from plant-sources is a powerful antioxidant that helps restore youthful skin cell activity and protect against DNA degeneration.

Aloe Vera juice, Squalane, Shea oil, and Saccharide Isomerate also help deliver intense hydration, while locking in moisture by improving skin barriers.

For all skin types.

- 6 hours of intense hydration
- Encourage collagen and elastin production
- Fights free radicals to prevent DNA damage
- Improve skin barrier function to reduce transdermal water loss

Snow Mushroom - Botanical snow mushroom contains three key components. The snow mushroom's polysaccharides is a powerful humectant that intensely hydrates and retain moisture. These polysaccharide molecules are smaller than hyaluronic acid, and hence penetrate deeper into the skin. The next component is polyphenol, an antioxidant to combat oxidative damages which lead to collagen-loss resulting in fine lines. Lastly snow mushroom also contains triterpenes which help to soothe any inflammations. Together with the polysaccharides and naturally-occuring kojic acids in snow mushroom - it helps to brighten skin by reducing melatonin.

Tripeptide - Biomimetic tripeptide helps reduce cellular ageing, improve skin cell activity, and collagen production to restore youthful suppleness.

Resveratrol - commonly derived from grapes, Is a powerful antioxidant that has a key dual purpose - firstly to protect against free radical damage that causes collagen breakdown and skin cell ageing; and secondly to stimulate healthy skin cell and collagen proliferation. Furthermore resveratrol also helps to calm skin inflammations, and even hydrate dry skin.

Other Actives:
Aloe vera juice, Squalane, Shea oil, Saccharide Isomerate, Betaine, Carrageenan

Optimal concentrations of proven actives.
Suited for all skin types, ages, gender.
Free of toxins, parabens, silicon, mineral oils and preservatives.
Vegan, plant-derived ingredients
100% natural, luxurious yet absorbent formulation.

Gently apply onto face, neck and décolleté day and night after Kumuya Nutri-Serums. Follow with SPF when using during the day.
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