• Sureren The Morel Soup - Yin and Yang Balancer

Sureren The Morel Soup - Yin and Yang Balancer

Combines the rich nutrients of morel mushrooms, bamboo fungi, shitake mushrooms, goji berries, carrot. red dates, ginger, pink salt. The combination of the carefully curated ingredients elevates the wellness profile. Load with protein, minerals and vitamin D. Lower cholesterol.
Morel mushrooms contain polyphenols and polysaccharides effectively neutralize free radicals in the body and delay the aging process.
The fungi calm the mind, replenish energy, tonify kidney, enhance immunity system, aid digestion, strengthened bone, boost cognitive function, nourish qi and yin.

450ml per pack – serve 2 rice bowls.

Can store in chiller for 2 weeks and last one month in freezer.

Note: while this soup is crafted to enhance your well-being, it is advisable to consult a healthcare
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