• Sureren - The Shroom Medley

Sureren - The Shroom Medley

A low calorie, yet nutritional soup that boost immune system and overall vitality. It regulates cholesterol levels, support heart health.

Ingredients_ Cordyceps flowers, Brazilian/Antler/Shiitake/Tea-tree mushrooms, red dates, ginger

Shiitake mushrooms contain potent phytonutrients, which maintains healthy blood pressure and improve circulation.
The ingredients also boosts immune system with beta-glucans. Have anticancer properties. Rich in vitamins B & D. Support brain health and cognitive function,
Have anti-inflammatory ad antioxidant properties. Help in digestion, bone health and alleviate stress.

450ml per pack – serve 2 rice bowls

Note: while this soup is crafted to enhance your well-being, it is advisable to consult a healthcare
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