Make your 2021 cny a special one!

Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate life with our family and to spend some quality time. While this year maybe a little different, it should not stop the family tradition. Because it is a representation preserving our roots and it’s what connect our hearts together.

At Farmz Asia, we want to make your Chinese New Year special, while preserving the roots and traditions that never be forgotten.

Hence, we have specially curated 2 CNY dishes: Poon Choi and Yee Sang that are made with ingredients that are 100% natural to bring blessing of health and fortune to you and your loved ones.

These seasonal sets are exclusively designed with nutritious and ingredients for you to share with your family and friends with a peace of mind.​

exclusive farmz cny collection

*Preorder is recommended due to limited stocks availability
*Delivery/Self-Collection for all item commences from 25th JAN
*Last day delivery of delivery/self-collection - 11 FEB (1pm) eve of CNY
*All orders and deliveries shall resume from the 20 FEB