• Almond Nut Butter
  • Almond Nut Butter
  • Almond Nut Butter
  • Almond Nut Butter

Almond Nut Butter*

  • dairy_free Dairy Free
  • vegetarian Vegan
  • Helps with Promoting Eye Health: High concentrations of lutein and zeaxanthin act as antioxidants which protect the eyes from damages that may lead to blindness as we get older
  • Ideal for individuals with Osteoporosis and/or Anemia
  • Natural Premium Ingredients used
  • NO preservatives added


  • Weight Loss: Almond is a nutrient powerhouse that provides decent amount of fiber and protein on top of heart healthy unsaturated fats. Due to their satiating properties, nuts are a great addition as bread spread.
  • Get Fit: Antioxidants in almonds protects cells from free radicals generated during a workout. Its Vitamin E may help ease muscle soreness from a rigorous workout.
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